Tyagaraja Ramaswamy

I am a graduate student in Robotics at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and would be graduating in May 2020. I work at the NEST Lab under the guidance of Prof. Carlo Pinciroli. At NEST Lab we work with swarm intelligence,

At NEST Lab we work with swarm intelligence apply it to engineering and robotics.

During the Summer of 2019, I interned at iRobot with the Localization and Mapping team.

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Research and Area of Interest

I'm interested in swarm robotics, multi-robot localization and mapping, visual SLAM. My current research is about making a multi-robot system for collective transport of objects with minimal human intervention

Implementation of EKF SLAM for indoor navigation
WPI, 2019

This project aims at implementing EKF based online SLAM for mobile robots in indoor environment using data from 2D Lidar and wheel encoder and implemented in ROS

Study of sensor and actuator based swarm behaviour models
WPI, 2019

The aim of this project is to try and recreate desired behaviours in the swarm by analysing the feature space through evolution of a basic controller.

Phone Detection
WPI, 2019

This project is a small demonstration of using Computer Vision and Machine learning for object detection; in this case phone detection

Featureless Object Detection Using Triangulation
WPI, 2018

This is an algorithm based on Delaunay Triangulation used for detection of objects with almost neglibile/no features and smooth textures.

Sketching Geometric Shapes using KINOVA 6-DOF JACO arm
WPI, 2018

The aim of this priject is to analyse the ease of movement of the JACO 6-DOF arm. A geometric shape is given to the system as an input and a trajectory is planned for the robot so that it draws the geometric shape.